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For more than one reason what I publish here will have points of contact with what other people are writing to-day. —If my remarks do not bear a stamp which marks them as mine,— I do not wish to lay any further claim to them as my property. I make them public with doubtful feelings. It is not impossible that it should fall to the lot of this work, in its poverty and in the darkness of this time, to bring light into one brain or another —but, of course, it is not likely. I should not like my writing to spare other people the trouble of thinking. But, if possible, to stimulate someone to thoughts of his own. I should have liked to produce a good book. This has not come about, but the time is past in which I could improve it.
CAMBRIDGE, January 1945.
- from the preface to 'Philosophical Investigations', by Ludwig Wittgenstein

I want to echo these words. But as even these are hardly known, what interest could there possible be in what I have written.

Of course, I would like my work to be copied, I would like it to become viral, and for you to include a link to it, wherever you can, to whatever you find of interest here.

There is little original in what I say. But especially now, it seems to me, as the song says: 'There's nothing new under the sun, everything you think of has been done, all been done before your time, at sometime or another, by someone or his brother'. The song, from the seventies, seems to have been lost already. History joins those dots it finds and thinks important.

Intellectual property seems straightforward: it's a right and if it is a right then it doesn't need to be claimed. And yet everywhere it is. It's confusing, but I'm attaching logos of licenses that I admire:

copyleft symbol

Designed for the licensing that has been developed from Richard Stallman's GNU Manifesto, 1985. - from Wikipedia



by the Pirate Party of Brazil, a play on the 'Portuguese words "copie" (meaning copy) and "co-pie" (meaning tweet together)'. - from Wikipedia

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